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Kate Beaton
Way back when I first started making comics, one of the very first happened to be about Nikola Tesla. Don't pay attention to the comic number there because when we re-launched the site, the early archives were all jumbled. In any case, I still think the Tesla comic did more to spread my name around than any other since, very unexpected!

I didn't know at the time that Tesla himself was enjoying an enormous and belated surge in popularity. Everyone seems to be on Tesla's side now, against the evils of Edison (and how!). Edison is getting to be well known as the jerk he totally was! But let us never forget: He wasn't the only one, as Marconi demonstrates for us. I bet there is a ton of shit Tesla invented that got effed up and stolen by other people. Probably cool shit like skateboards and helicopters too.

Mostly I think inventors are probably dicks to each other across the board.

Last update, I mentioned I was going to the MoCCA Comic Festival in New York this coming weekend, I should add that I will be with the Topatoco table!

This is sort of a double update, but the double part isn't here. Keep an eye out on the wonderful comic Penny Arcade, which I know you know about because this is the internet. I've done a guest comic and was quite pleased to be asked! They are good dudes, over at Penny Arcade.


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