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Kate Beaton
Peary might have been first but he got himself some frostbitten feet and THAT is THAT.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the final Peary expedition to the north pole, the one that finally made it. It was the age of Killing Yourself in Ice, with a graveyard of heroes like Scott of the Antarctic out finding poles and putting flags there and going home. Sweet times! Matthew Henson gets his due these days, it only took half a century or something.

There is a really adorable website dedicated to Matthew Henson here, maybe put up by his family? They are so proud! To give credit where credit is due, though I wanted to make a comic about the pair specifically, Peary and Henson were accompanied at the pole by four other men, Oatah, Egingwah, Seegloo, and Ookeah.

Now, these two weren't Canadian but it is always interesting to note that at the very same time that Canadian immigration was insisting black people couldn't handle the cold, a black man was the first non-native person to set foot on the North Pole. This is such a stupid country sometimes.

In non comic news:

If you are in Ontario next week, and you are looking for some good music times, check out the Inroads festival! I got the info from a friend of mine who is one of the organizers, and it's a shame I just left Ontario, so you should go in my place, really. If you go, please enjoy yourselves to the max.


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