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Kate Beaton
Poor young Ada. The vices of poetry were all around, and within her very blood! If I were the Lady Isabella and had to deal with Lord Bryon swinging dark moods around the house and swinging what was in his pants around every human female I might have a bad opinion of "the Arts" as well. Isabella was a bit of of a whiz with a protractor herself anyway, we are told.

Later of course, Ada became famous for doing some computery things with Charles Babbage, the mechanics of their work on the Analytical Engine being something I still don't completely grasp, probably because my parents seemed not to mind if I read a poem now and then. Thus, no doubt: my mathematical ruin.

So it all worked out for the best in a way, especially if someone turning to you and saying "did you know the first computer programmer was totally hot??" is your idea of "in a way." Ada Lovelace: first computer programmer, hot, questionable taste in headwear.

updated the "About" section with some more detail and FAQ's.

some more things:

I cannot mention Lovelace and Babbage without linking to Sydney's wonderful comic, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.

If you're not reading Three Word Phrase, you oughta be.

Because of Jules Verne's birthday, and this link being on Drawn, I have been forwarded this several times! (I follow Drawn too). But still, these Verne illustrations are so worth a look.

To one-up you, because it's sort of Verne-esque, Steve Wolfhard showed me this the other day, a collection of art by Newfoundland artist David Blackwood. Stunning, haunting, very very beautiful.

One more: Pete wanted you to know the names of the students who wrote these charmers. A group of 5 girls did all the comics, their self-chosen English names are Gloria, Jenny, Harry, Tomboy and Goldfish. Thanks guys! And credit where credit is due, folks!


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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