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Kate Beaton
I think these comics are mostly the product of my childhood understanding of business ladies. You see, I was born in the 1980's, when images of boxy shouldered, helmet haired, red lipstick wearing women were striding across magazines and tv shows in giant heels, and I guess they inserted themselves to the pantheon of jobs you one day figured you could have. You know, Nurse, Princess, Teacher, Businesswoman. The following is what I gathered from the images I was familiar with. That these women:

1- Did business All The Time
2- If they were not doing business they were probably exercising.

Pretty fierce, but also, it kind of rules. Anyway you may remember from the archives that I have a ...healthy interest in this sort of thing.

Some items:

The people from Line of Best Fit dropped me a note to say that if you liked that free Christmas album download I linked to a few weeks ago, you will probably enjoy this new free album download! I know I did. My friend Fred has a song in there too. A bonus!

I recently read Julie Klausner's book I Don't Care About Your Band. I really liked it, you may also! You should look into it!

Last update, I linked to my tumblr, and you should know that my friend who set it up for me has a tumblr also. And what a tumblr. The Number One Tumblr, if you will (I will).


Lynn Allingham
John Allison
Dawn and Margie Beaton
Marc Bell
John Campbell
Scott Campbell
Ryan Carley
Anthony Clark
Rebecca Clements
Domitille Collardey
Jillian Comeau, Kim Carson and Michelle Skelding
Aaron Diaz
Jess Fink
Eric Feurstein
Brian Fukushima
Matt Forsythe
Sarah Glidden
Meredith Gran
Lisa Hanawalt
Dustin Harbin
Christopher Hastings
Emily Horne and Joey Comeau
Jon Klassen
Steve Lambke
Hope Larson
Joe List
David Malki
Phil McAndrew
Carolyn Merriman
Carly Monardo
Vicki Nerino
Ryan North
Ryan Pequin
Neil Rough
Jeffrey Rowland
Gabby Schulz
Smart and Bird
Nathan Stapley
Julia Wertz
Britt Wilson
Steve Wolfhard
Chip Zdarsky

Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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