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My poor little comic, it's on the sidewalk somewhere and I don't have the heart to draw it again. It was about WWII movies, perhaps in the future, I will return to it.

I moved to New York in September and am really enjoying it. I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you, if you aren't familiar, to some of the wonderful friends I've come to know here. We will start with my studio mates, they were kind enough to give me a home for my desk and my mess that goes on top of it.

Julia Wertz: her new book, Drinking at the Movies, just came out to rave reviews. I've read it already so I know why. You may want to look into it.

Lisa Hanawalt: Her new book also just came out! I Want You #2, a follow up to (you guessed it) I Want You #1. Her drawings mesmerize me, make me laugh, and make me jealous.

Domitille Collardey: You can't look at Domitille's drawings and not have your pants charmed off. Have you looked at them yet? Check your pants, they're gone.

Sarah Glidden: My first exciting New York Event was the release party for Sarah's How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less. It's a powerfully good book. Sarah is in the Middle East as we speak, working on another one.

Karen Sneider: Is Karen the funniest person I have met since I came to this city? I really think so. She used to be a comedian, after all. The New Yorker needs to buy all of her cartoons, forever.

I'm lucky to have a space with these talented ladies! I tell ya. But there is more!

Gabrielle Bell: yes, the Gabrielle Bell. I don't need to introduce her really, I'm just telling you I know her, now I can feel cool and famous.

Gabby Schulz: Gabby has mostly written under the pen name Ken Dahl, so you'll have to look that one up for books, and please please do. His book Monsters was far and away the best I've read all year.

Sally Bloodbath: Sally is my good friend of many years, and she makes some of my favourite comics. You'd love comics more if you could listen to Sally talk about them, she has taught me many things. That girl needs a real website though!

Liz Baillie: I first noticed Liz because she dressed so sharp at comic shows. She makes a sharp comic too. I've linked to it on here before, would I lie to you?

Matt Wiegel: Matt is the kind of cartoonist who is so nice, so talented and so hard working that I should probably be ashamed of myself around him.

Lizz Hickey: I saw Lizz Hickey do a comic reading at SPX and I have never laughed so hard before or since, I'm pretty sure. I love her comics more than I love maple syrup and this is coming from a Canadian.

Robin Enrico: Robin was always one of those friendly faces I was happy to see at comic shows. But now we live in the same city! So I see his friendly face more often. Plus: he teaches comics!

MK Reed: I think MK Reed is a name you are going to be hearing more of in the future, as she always seems to have several projects on the go. It's intimidating.

Adam Conover: Surprise! Not a comics artist! But a comedian that you will love. There are some new performance clips of him up on that blog, time for you to go spend some time watching them.

Derek Van Gieson: I first saw Derek's work when the old New Yorker cartoonists were cooing over a portfolio he brought in. No wonder! What beautiful drawings. He also cooks a great Thanksgiving dinner for friends.

John Lewis: John told me he has been doing True Swamp since 1994. I haven't been doing anything since 1994 but eating lunch every day and other useless shit. Someone give the man a standing ovation.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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