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A guest comic today, you guys!

From the wonderful Rebecca Clements of KinokoFry - who treats us with not one, but four comics on her site! And three for me today! I must say, she has a talent to mimic my scribbles. Enjoy!

An exciting note: I did illustrations for this month's issue of The Walrus, my favorite magazine. Pick one up and check it out, if you are unfamiliar! Some of the illustrations are also available as a wallpaper download. Awesome!

I have just come back from SPX, thank you to all who came out! I was nursing a bit of a painful biking injury and had to leave my table a few times and people were awful nice about it. You guys are the best. Now I am going to Vermont to give a talk at The Center for Cartoon Studies, which I am looking forward to seeing! You can expect a comic when I return!

Here's something you might be interested in: My good friends Robbi and Matt run Idiot's Books, a very charming operation. Since I have so many fans of literature reading my comics, I thought you might be totally into this poster that they did, Six Degrees of Francis Bacon. Along with all the other great stuff they make, of course.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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