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I am pretty excited to be in San Francisco this weekend! Come to APE, come on out! I am at table 440, with Dylan Meconis!

We are talking of course about Emperor Norton.

Another design has hit the shelvesin my store, and you know it is my #2 most asked for thing, the Curies and their toxic love, in toxic colors!


It's a little weird that these aren't getting put out at the same time, like I pull a curtain up and there they are! Instead it is bit by bit, poor Topatoco is inundated with items and putting things out when they come up! Otherwise, we'd all be waiting a while.

But I don't want to keep being sneaky saying oh but there's more coming like I want you to keep getting your wallets out and paying shipping three times over. So I'm going to show you the designs that are lined up, and you'll be the first to know (after me) when they go on sale! If you see a couple things you like that aren't on sale yet, just wait a couple days more!

Here we go!

You've seen this one before! Or the original drawing of it anyway. It's the Bronte sisters enjoying the latest issue of BYRONIC magazine, with all the hottest brooding violent scary dudes you can fit in the pages. Except Anne, who isn't into that sort of thing. It's in two colors, because I know not everyone likes wearing the lighter ones! I think it is on a tote bag too?

This guy, he has never been in a comic, he isn't anyone really but if you've seen me at a con and I signed your book, I might have drawn him on the inside cover. He's almost a part of my signature at this point, and I think he sort of epitomizes everything that my comics are.

Surprise! I bet you didn't see that one coming. The fox comic was the last one I made when the shirts were getting done up, and I threw him in there because I liked him and the dogs too- who are sort of from the North Pole Henson/Peary comic. Should I make more fox huntin' comics? Probably.

These two are already on sale! Some people have asked "where is the key" with the Franklin drawing, but I tell you it is kites first, discoveries later. And the Curies, I didn't use the original drawing because that is in the ether somewhere but I chose the colors after reading that Marie Curie used to sleep with a bit of glowing radium next to her bedside. What! Aw Marie, shucks, you didn't know no better.

And that is it!  So get all pumped up will ya, I'll let you know when they all arrive!

And prints from the comic archives will be available too sometime, Topatoco has a disc full of like a hundred comic images I sent them that they can print out on their fancy printin' press if you ask nice, and I will let you know when that goes live too so get EVEN MORE EXCITED 


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