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Kate Beaton
I enjoy both Beethoven's ego and his temper.

Man, you tear a kid from his mother after his father dies, call her a whore in public, force the kid into music when he has neither talent nor desire for it and he doesn't like you? What a brat!

You all know I am going to be at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco this weekend, right? You can find me at table #440 with the lovely and talented Dylan Meconis, but just to be sure, here is a map of the APE floor showing where I will be!


Well, last month I submitted five designs to Topatoco! They had a lot of things going on and basically, the t-shirt guy had about a thousand items to push through, so it was a little late coming but the first one is ready to go!

Wouldn't you know, it's the one I've gotten asked about the most: Ben Franklin, doin' what he loves best:

Besides mackin' on the ladies, that is.

If you think you were planning on more than one item, I'd wait until the rest of the designs get released over the next few days, just in case!


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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