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Tom Longboat, Onondaga champion and a cool guy, by all accounts. Here's a short read that will give you a sense of him. Here is a case for Tom Longboat Day in the Ontario Legislature. Since you find his name often put next to phrases like "deserves more recognition," Tom Longboat Day was officially passed for June 4th, mark your calendars.

Both links carry this story, which I also liked:

It's a story that was told somewhere in France during the Great War. A British general being led to the front by a dispatch runner grew irritated with the pace set by the man and ordered him to slow down. "For God's sake," he complained, "who do you think I am, Tom Longboat?" The dispatch runner, a tall man in his late twenties, slowed and answered, "No, sir; that's me."

That's like if someone told you "oh yeah I can give you directions, follow me" but it was Usain Bolt.

And here is an interesting looking book about the 1908 Olympics that is a world I don't know much about!

There is something so visually pleasing about sports uniforms and clothes and hair and all that in the early 1900s, don't you agree? Google image a name like Tom Longboat or rival Alfie Schrubb or look up "Olympic uniforms 1908," it's all gold stuff.


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