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Kate Beaton
The other day I was on the subway and I saw a guy reading a newspaper. From a distance, I could make out the unmistakable hairdos of Sir John A MacDonald and Sir Wilfred Laurier glamming it up on a big full page spread. "What trouble are those two rascals causing," I said to myself, "I know our current PM is boring but these guys are dead and can't do much about that now. "

Though really that is the only thing that could stop those two in particular from trying.

Later I spent $1.50 to find out. I hope they appreciated it. As it turns out, the Dominion Institute is putting on a thing called MacDonald-Laurier Days to honor our big nation-builders. Not a whole lot of hullabaloo, but worth a look. The Dominion Institute is an interesting group and they published a book called 'Great Canadian Questions' which is in my room but you can also find the whole text online. We already know that Canadians are experts at remembering past leaders though, man anyone can tell you John A. was a drunk and you can deface Wilfred Laurier on money to make him look like Mr. Spock.   A+ history class, yes yes yes.


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