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Kate Beaton
The part of the book leading to Cathy's death is the most interesting, isn't it? I have read chapters over and over.

Here's a collection of essays, an old one but a good one, if you want to start somewhere in thinking about it: 20th Century Interpretations of Wuthering Heights. In all libraries, everywhere. It has in it, though you can just google it up too, Charlotte's 1850 preface to the book in defence of it but courting the morals of the time and explaining why it is so ...different. "Wuthering Heights: Sorry, Sorry, Just Give It A Chance OK?" Then go read all the essays deconstructing that. Then go down the deconstructing rabbit hole until you have no idea what you think anymore anyway. Then watch Netflix or something because your brain broke. Well that's how I do it.

Some people have sent me pictures of pretty great Princess Pinecone and Pony costumes for Halloween. Pumpkins too! I'm so delighted to get those. I treasure 'em, thank you!

We have new plushes (see I made a new button with my computer skills), and new kids shirts coming in to Topatoco soon as well! I haven't really mentioned this before, but stores in the real world can also pick up my things to put on the shelves, through our wholesale department. And I'd love to see more of that, I get asked about it a lot! Well it's no problem, just go HERE and thanks as always for stopping by!

More Wuthering to come!


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