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Kate Beaton
I'm still velocipeding around the country with Step Aside Pops! Many thanks to those who just came to the Lake District's comics festival in Kendal, UK! Now off to London, and soon to Thought Bubble in Leeds, and Bristol too.

Would you like to read some historical comics in the meantime?

Delilah Dirk by Tony Cliff is one of my favourite comics series, so the news that it is coming from book only to web syndication is GREAT news! I got to read The King's Shilling (for blurb purposes) and I adored it. Now it is being updated on a regular schedule at delilahdirk.com. Delilah and Selim adventures forever!!

After a little hiatus, The Dreamer by Lora Innes is back online and updating! It's a really fun historical time travel adventure romance! And the research is right on. I met Lora while in Columbus for CXC, and it was a thrill, she was so nice!

Oh one more item, this Drunk History about Harriet Tubman with Crissle West and Octavia Spencer is the best thing, ever.

Hope you enjoy! See you on my travels maybe!


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
Strange Adventures, Halifax
Legends Comics and Books, Victoria
Desert Island, Brooklyn

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