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Kate Beaton
Gee whiz! These guys are just terrible at making a Medieval film. Don't they know anything???

Just kiddin' you guys, no one would ever try to shoot a movie in Chaucer-y English like the 4th comic, and if they did they probably wouldn't know their way around the actual grammar if Chaucer himself had a Dummies book explaining it. That shit is hard!

I think most people who like to nit-pick historical inaccuracy in films do it for a few reasons:
- it's fun
- it's silly to think that movies aren't "important" because they're entertainment, movies are the way most people come across with representations of histories they don't know much about! So I can't blame anyone for caring that they get the details right.
-it's... fun.

If you don't believe me, take a look at one of my favorite terrible movies, The Norseman starring Lee Majors. It's got it all! Bad Viking movies somehow earn a trophy for being even more bad than most bad movies. How DO they do it??


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