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Kate Beaton
Friends o' mine:

I put our mutual friend Napoleon up here as a little marker for an announcement. I'm working on a comic now, but I wanted to get this out, because the website has been idle for a little while.

The success of the book and everything I've done so far has been just amazing, and because of this, I've been given opportunities for other work, different projects. These range widely - anywhere from children's books to television work. I've been lucky. But I've been pacing the room about what decisions to make. To be honest with you - and that's the point of this message, I just want to keep you informed. You come back here to see what's new! God bless ye. Anyway: to be honest with you, I've taken on freelance work in the past years and that's been well and fine, but I've never given other long term projects a chance, because I can never detach myself from the website. If you wish I had the ability to make comics faster than I do, you're not the only one. As much as I love them, they're a slow moving vehicle from blank page and no ideas to a finished update.

This is a funny job. Webcomics are often cited as the future of comics and the internet and I don't know what else, but the fact that no one has retired from them yet means that I, at least, rest a little uneasy in these shoes sometimes if only for the lack of having a dependable compass by which to steer the ship. I just want to make the best decisions I can, so that I will be around longer, making drawings and comics and writing and other things that I hope people will enjoy. I'm not sure what will work out with these opportunities that have come my way, and I guess I can't really say much about them, but I think I'd be a fool if I didn't give them a try. So I am going to! Whatever I can let you know, I will.

The website schedule for Hark has never been.. uh.. something to set your watch to, I know, and here's the news I am sad to give: it's going to slow down more. At least for now. So that I can give some other things a chance. It's a little scary, and who knows, maybe I'll fall on my butt right away and we will be back on track here next month. I don't know. But I'll keep you informed.

For updates, when they do happen, I have several options! I announce them on twitter, where I am @beatonna, and I do have an rss feed up in the url bar there for you to use. There is an RSS feed on tumblr as well: you can find it here.

Speaking of tumblr, you'll notice at the top of the page that I reworked the buttons! A new addition is my snappy new Tumblr account. I hate to think of my website sad and lonely, it's my baby! So I made the tumblr in anticipation of this announcement, it's a place where I will put interesting research things and sketches, so that you'll have steady content coming from me all the same. And I do put up a lot of sketches and sketch comics, so if you don't have a tumblr you should check back there now and then all the same. Please do!

As always, I've written too much when only a little would have done just fine,

your chatty pal



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