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Kate Beaton
"How long do you mean to be content?"

Back again! Can't win em all, you know how it is. Maybe.

These two scaliwags are loads of fun, why didn't I come back to them earlier? Originally it was supposed to be about Byron being kind of grossed out by Shelley's fish eaten corpse but maybe that's not all the barrel of laffs I thought it would be. It's funny how when Shelley, the intense atheist, died, all the newspapers were like THAT SHOWED HIM as if God himself just put his thumb on the boat and pushed down to prove a point. Take that Shelley!

A couple of things have happened, one, my very good friends Meaghan and Adam got married! I love those guys. Guys are you reading this? Kiss kiss kiss this is for you kiss kiss

Also I have an interview up at The Hairpin!

Also, to my great surprise, I won a Harvey Award. Thank you so much to everyone who voted! It was truly unexpected.



The book stuff is picking up steam like crazy, I will have some exciting things to tell you soon, but here is a link to the thing itself on Amazon, I will probably be linking the heck out of this! From now on! Is it finally time to be a good businessman?? (Businesslady??)

Look at these Mad Men portraits that Carly is drawing! I keep dropping links to them like crazy because they are the best. Dropping links like bread crumbs at Hansel and Gretel's house.

Lastly! Oh man. Are you from Cape Breton? Peter is so darn funny. I'm splitting my sides looking at this.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
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