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Kate Beaton
I was doing some Australian history reading with the intent of making a comic and watched a whole movie about Alexander Pearce taking his buddies into the woods and then eating them for lunch. No comics about that one. Then I spent some time on the Burke and Wills expedition, but what I came out with was a little something like Lewis and Clark 2: Lost in Australia (now with more camels). Finally I landed on our old friend William Bligh who was causing trouble in Sydney back in the day. I say old friend because I am sure you recall the very familiar story Mutiny on the Bounty, and because we are personal friends, of course. Same fellow, same temper tantrums.

There's nothing like a clash of loud, vain, ambitious personalities to get the historical juices flowing (is that gross? anyway) and we have it in spades with Bligh and MacArthur, neither of whom knew the meaning of the word "compromise." Neither one is a hero or a villain, which is maybe why this mutiny was actually successful, it's too confusing and everyone is just hollering all the time. Don't go assuming that all I know about Bligh was from Fletcher Christian's Bounty stories though, that's elementary my dear Watson, everyone knows there's more to it than that. Ask the babies who were named after him. There was also that bit about someone getting drunk and crashing their buggy but you'll have to look it up.

The store should have a print soon of the poster from the last comic, the one Carly did up! Such a talented lady! And who does not want an inspiring thing such as Strong Female Characters to have around, I ask you?

Speaking of, there was a strong response to last week's comic! People had some fun drawing fan art, and someone started a tumblr for it if you want to join in on the fun. It includes more of Carly Monardo's art, actually, which is only a good thing. The best thing?

I'll leave you with this vivid memory from my childhood.


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