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Kate Beaton
Chopin! Liszt!

I wanted to get back into the world of composers because let's face it, they are Grade A comic material. Too bad I know relatively little about most of them. I went on a reading spree and came out with Chopin and Liszt, who were friends according to some and not friends according to others. Interesting fellows, never all that any one assessment claims they are. Chopin was not always a Delicate Flower and Liszt was not always some approximation of Jerry Lee Lewis playing Great Balls of Fire. But hey, sometimes they were!

How could I have left out Lisztomania or George Sand you ask? Well maybe you are asking. Comics for another time, my friends.

I made a little list of links down below, that's new! I probably should have done it ages ago.

My studio mates and I are doing a comics reading this Saturday, the 19th, in Brooklyn! We are looking forward to it, maybe we will see you there!

So, it is St Patrick's Day! Comics friend MK Reed wrote to me to tell you all about the launch of her new comic, which is very fitting for the day! Tain Bo Cuailnge is about Celtic warriors from Iron Age Ireland going to war over some cows. It updates a chapter a month.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
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Desert Island, Brooklyn

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