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Kate Beaton
I remember very distinctly the first time I really paid attention to anything at all concerning Lester B. Pearson. It was in a survey class taught by Dr. Penny Bryden, and she was telling the story of how Pearson came to earn the nickname, "Mike." I didn't expect to be laughing in History class, but there you have it. I used Bryden's name a few comics back when I needed a fill-in for a teacher's name, and I believe the memory of Pearson came with it (she later had a big poster on her door with his big head on it, a gift from CBC's "the Greatest Canadian" series I think). I was lucky to have her as a prof, I say in all earnestness that her lectures had a part in how I think about history and approach it will an enthusiastic humor. May we all be so lucky as to be inspired by gifted educators.

I find reading about Pearson to be incredibly fascinating, it was a time of fascinating leaders - Diefenbaker, Pearson, Trudeau, and maybe you've heard of some Kennedy man on the other side of the border. Perhaps what's most interesting about him is that there is no one word to describe him as there seems to be for others, no easy summary. He's a puzzle. He gave a lot to Canada which we - correctly or not - like to claim as proof of some national character, and yet he was full of paradoxes. And he's an intriguing study in leadership and character, especially in between the leaders that flanked him.

I really enjoyed this website on Pearson's role in the Suez Crisis, his most well known diplomatic affair.

I also read this very excellent collection of essays, called Pearson: the Unlikely Gladiator - which has quite an extensive preview on google books. For anyone interested!


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