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Kate Beaton
I've said this before, but it's the strangest thing sometimes, as a non-American, to watch a movie about either World War. Canadians only show up in our own poorly funded made-for-TV movies shot in someone's back yard, and even then, it's jarring to hear someone wistfully mention the old home back in Ontario instead of like, Kentucky. A couple of weeks ago I watched Flyboys, a WWI movie set in France that was about wisecracking American hunks before America even joined the war. Some of them died, it was terrible. Let's never forget what hunks have done for us throughout history!


Lynn Allingham
John Allison
Dawn and Margie Beaton
Marc Bell
John Campbell
Scott Campbell
Ryan Carley
Anthony Clark
Rebecca Clements
Domitille Collardey
Jillian Comeau, Kim Carson and Michelle Skelding
Aaron Diaz
Jess Fink
Eric Feurstein
Brian Fukushima
Matt Forsythe
Sarah Glidden
Meredith Gran
Lisa Hanawalt
Dustin Harbin
Christopher Hastings
Emily Horne and Joey Comeau
Jon Klassen
Steve Lambke
Hope Larson
Joe List
David Malki
Phil McAndrew
Carolyn Merriman
Carly Monardo
Vicki Nerino
Ryan North
Ryan Pequin
Neil Rough
Jeffrey Rowland
Gabby Schulz
Smart and Bird
Nathan Stapley
Julia Wertz
Britt Wilson
Steve Wolfhard
Chip Zdarsky

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