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Today I bring you a gift in the form of a guest comic from Jess Fink! Taking that Darwinian path of guest comic evolution. I'm working on something else, something.. Marvel-ous

Surprise! I just love drawing for Strange Tales, it's such a fun anthology. This story is written by a friend of mine and someone you are likely a fan of, wait and see!

But enough of that. Let me tell you about Jess Fink.

Jess was one of the first friends I made making comics, and I feel very lucky for it. I wish her talent was as infectious as her good humor and enthusiasm. I want to show you where to find her on this dang old internet, because there are a few places! Like easter eggs and pokemon, gotta catch em all.

Recently, she launched a comics website with journal comics, hourlies and a lot of hot Jean Luc Picards. No one knows Sexy Picard better than Jess, and speaking of sexy:

You may know her as well from her erotic Victorian comic Chester 5000 XYV, a charmer of a story (but not for the kiddies!).

Quite soon, Jess will have a comic published with Top Shelf that I am pretty excited about called We Can Fix It, a time travel memoir, you can see a preview here.

Not related to comics, there is an Etsy shop worth your perusal- I get very happy when I see people rocking Roller Girl and Picard earrings at comic shows.

You can catch her on twitter, and follow her on livejournal, I do both of these things and look how happy I am! Damn happy, a happy woman.

In closing: Jess Fink, my dear talented friend, has too many gol darn websites.

In MY other news, new items keep coming to the store! Check back soon, right here. The onesies are coming up next, so cute!


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