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Kate Beaton
I love it when Halloween comes around and I get to make comics for it! Here we have Bram Stoker's Dracula, a book written to tell ladies that if you're not a submissive waif, society goes to hell and ungodly monsters are going to turn you into child killing horrors and someone is going to drive a bowie knife through your heart/cut off your head/etc. As you deserve! Thanks Bram! I wrote it down so as to remember it.

But don't get me wrong, I prefer my vampires to be moustachioed 1890s types more than the sexy kind you see nowadays. Maybe Carmilla was sexy, I forget. Anyway.

By the way, have you ever read Dracula? It's a very good read, you may be surprised.

The Store is actually starting to update with new material bit by bit, there are several shirts and mugs coming in, plus the onesie I mentioned! But in the meantime, there are always prints available, which I keep not mentioning but let me tell you, it's true.

And I have two interviews to tell you about, done with two very lovely and informed people! It was a pleasure. Here they are:

the first is the podcast Comics News Insider with Joe Gonzalez and Jimmy Aquino, I was there for their 300th episode and they had some great guests!

the second is a long interview with Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance. I'm told it's interesting to read, so, phew. I don't want to bore you.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

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