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Kate Beaton
Ah, Andrew Jackson. Love him or hate him (and these days my money is on the latter), you can't deny that he was a fascinating man. He did some good things. He did a lot of bad things. And it's not like in his time, no one thought to duke it out with him over it all. The man had so many musket balls in his body you could stick magnets to him.

He strikes me as a figure not often talked about anymore when it comes to celebrating the history of the Presidency, regardless of fact that he once was (still is? depends on where you are maybe? no idea) prominent among the 'greats' and his long, weird face is on every 20 dollar bill in your (American) wallet. I mean the man is visible. I could be wrong too, seeing as I am not an American. But you don't really want to bring him up the way you would Washington or Roosevelt or whoever, because you don't want to open that can of Indian-Removal-Act worms. At comic shows I ask people sometimes to pick a favorite president to draw, it's almost never Jackson. I, like many others, can admire a few things about Jackson. But not the package. He did what he thought was good and right to do and he made himself something out of nothing, but he was a hard, racist man, and he doesn't get to be a hero anymore. In a way I am glad that he's such a conflicting figure, because most of the time you can't have it one way or the other. Not all of our historical leaders deserve Nobel Peace Prizes decorating their houses, not all of our heroes get recognized for the wrongs they did like Jackson does.

In non-Jackson news: Prints of the pieces I did for the Law and Order show are available! As well as prints from many other great artists!


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