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Kate Beaton
How did he get that number! I may have taken a few liberties. The kind that gets me emails warning that while I normally enjoy your comics, I hope you know that you have this completely wrong and now I have no respect for you. Well. I shan't fight you over Bell and Watson having a direct line to Gray's newly developed telephone but there it is nonetheless.

This actually began as a comic about the Wright Brothers and the race for getting the first airplanes off the ground, but in the roundabout way that is my usual method (hardly an effective one), the subject changed completely. Or not completely. Bell, as we know, was in the airplane races as well as the telephone one and probably a bunch of others like the can opener race and the whatever hot inventors at the time were up to. What a time too! I mean, the ipad is great and everything but you imagine being around when someone is inventing telephones and flying?

Anyway. Poor old Gray. The whole affair is a little shady and still confusing but there is no doubt both men were pretty sharp. When I was little we used to have to take school trips to the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck where far in the distance, you could see his giant mansion. Apparently, the telephone business is a pretty good gig.

Also. The answer to having things that are incorrect in my comics is, by the way, this: of course they are.

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