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Kate Beaton
Hey Montreal! I'm going to be at Expozine this weekend! You should come. I am excited to visit Montreal again, you can believe it!

We had some website issues as you know, but I believe our troubles are over. Thanks again to Voxel, the hosting folks who fixed it all up! They are super helpful! Does the RSS feed still work as usual? For those of you who read this through RSS, there was an update or two you may have missed.

So: Requests aren't done, they will be popping up as we go, but honestly I do not need annnyymooreee! I was looking at the Wonder Women that I drew last year and started drawing her again, because she's pretty fun to draw, and surly Wonder Woman here came out. Don't settle for being a tits and tits heroine ladies, be yourself! Poor Nibbles.

By the way, you all know I have a twitter right? I don't promise that it's any good, but I have one. ( @beatonna )



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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

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