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Kate Beaton
I have no idea why I made them talk so funny, but that is what happens sometimes in this crazy comics world. I guess it is because it's a comic about two weirdos! Anyway:

I heard this rhyme once when I was a teenager, it is common in some places but not where I grew up:

Up the close and down the stair,
In the house with Burke and Hare.
Burke's the butcher, Hare's the thief.
And Knox the man who buys the beef.

And wondered about it now and then (in the days before google) until I stumbled across the three gentlemen it belonged to some years later. And what a bunch! Here we meet Burke and Hare towards the end of their killing spree, a period which may be described as "unbelievably sloppy" and also "lazy." Still, they had an impact on medical history, and perhaps not every harebrained criminal may lay claim to this.

If you'd like to hear their story summed up in a jaunty but bizarre and inaccurate song, click here. If you want to hear their story summed up in a jaunty bizarre AND accurate song, click here.

Now, some notes!

Guys, look at my sad little picture collection on Topatoco of people wearing my shirts! I shed a tear, it's like the Great Depression in there, of pictures. Did that make sense? Anyway, if you have a picture wearing my fancy duds, or any Topatoco threads, why send it right over to the good folks at Topatoco via pics@topatoco.com and we can put them on flickr, and if you want linkbacks, include them in the email and we can put those in too! Alright!

And hey hey hey!

All the shirt designs are now available on Topatoco!! Go get'em, or what have you. I think some will be tote bags too, not sure about all that yet.

woo! Also there is a SURPRISE coming up, it was on my table at APE. I am so excited, you guys.


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