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Kate Beaton
So, I said I would work on something with the Fitzgeralds, and here they are in all their glory, ruining each other's dreams. First Zelda got a bad rap for mucking things up for Scott, then the other way around. But the truth is, they were both a big mess, let's call it a tie.

And now to business: First of all, thanks to everyone who bought the books so far!

Here is a note for those who just did in the second printing:

I understand that some of the binding on a few books is not top-notch! I'll tell you why: the printing company decided to try some new coating on those covers, which was a fine idea but led to some of them having easily cracked spines. We were not too pleased to hear this news! But fear not.

The printers are being gentlemen and are replacing the rest. The people at Topatoco work very hard and only want to sell nice things, which I appreciate! So if anybody feels like they got a cruddy copy, feel free to email help@topatoco.com and they'll send you a good one, it's no problem. It isn't every book, don't worry, but there are a few and we are just making sure that everyone is in good order! Thanks a lot everybody, I'm real sorry for any inconvenience.

So here are some other notes!

John C. has some new shirts here!

Meredith is driving across the country! I am sad she won't be on my side of the continent anymore.

Finally, been thinkin' about my move back to Halifax. Pros and cons, cons and pros, we will see! Then, count on Joel Plaskett to come out with the most Nova Scotia video of all time-

Makin' me feel better. Thanks, Joel.


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Good comic shops that have taught me a thing or two:

The Beguiling, Toronto
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Desert Island, Brooklyn

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