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in which thus unnamed young sir is bad at confrontation.

Our digital comics panel the other day went really well! We even made it to Blog TO which I read all the time! Everyone looks super sullen in the photos! I remember laughing several times, do not worry. I also turned bright red whenever I tried to say anything. Professional!

The audience was lovely, I met some after the show including a fellow historical cartoonist (she has some projects coming up) and some enthusiastic ladies with historical post cards.

I'd like to draw your attention to some of my fellow panelists. I have often linked to Ryan and Emily, but the whole panel deserves some attention I think! I was familiar with Willow Dawson's 100 Mile House and some of her historical stories for younger readers (No Girls Allowed is probably in schools across the country), and it was delightful to meet her. I was less familiar with Brian McLachlan's The Princess Planet, but it is a really excellent comic for kids! Plus, he is published by Owl Magazine, of which I am pretty jealous.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the whole thing was moderated by Chris Butcher, which I think was the reason it went so well, because the guy is awesome and knows his comics and his comic creators. He is also a driving force behind TCAF, what I am saying is, come to TCAF.


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